Sacral/Navel Chakra (Swadhishthana) – ( Orange)

Lower Abdomen, below the navel
Main Function: Movement, sensual and sexual relationship with others
Qualities: Change, flexibility, desire, procreation, pleasure, vitality, assimilation of food and new ideas, sharing, surrender, sexual/passionate love, tolerance
Imbalances: Over-indulgence in food or sex, sexual problems, confusion, purposelessness, jealousy, possessiveness, low physical and emotional energy
Glands: Ovaries and Testes/Prostrate
Organs: Reproductive system, uterus, bladder, intestines, appendix and all fluids of the body
Physical Dis-ease: Bladder and/or uterine problems, female reproductive problems including menstrual cycle, cysts, fibroids, male reproductive system problems
Issue: Shame Personal focus: Self-gratification
Sense: Taste Sound: Vam (vahm)
Planets: Jupiter Element: Water
Gemstones: Amber, carnelian, citrine, coral, orange calcite, topaz
Essential Oils: Jasmine, rose, sandalwood