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Chakras are vortices of energy (a Sanskrit word meaning wheel) within our Aura (or Human Energy Field), a few inches from our physical body. Chakras draw and translate astral, etheric and higher vibrations into the body through our endocrine system. Each of these spinning energy wheel rotates at different speeds, has a specific vibration or frequency and corresponds with a particular gland(s), colour, element, gems, essential oils, herbs, etc., all or any of which can be used to access and develop the chakras.The chakras exchange energy with the Universal Life Source, the essence of Life, and are also associated with specific physical, emotional and spiritual matters in the psychological realm.

Shape and Form

There are seven main major chakras located from the base of the spine to the top of the head (however, in recent years, there has been talk of an expansion of the chakra system to 12, with the emergence of an additional five residing within the seven traditional chakras), and 21 minor chakras in the body where the energy strands cross. Each of the major chakras extends from the front to the back of the body and is connected centrally at the spinal column, with energy flowing freely from the front to the back and vice versa. The crown chakra and the root chakra form a vertical axis which runs through the centre of all the other chakras. At the base of the spine the root chakra forms a funnel, extending from between the legs, down towards the ground and takes in spiritual energy from the earth for our grounding and stability, while the crown chakra brings in energy from above, creating direct access to higher spiritual energy. Our chakras open and close like a flower, with the one at the crown shaped like a lotus with 1,000 petals.


Blockage or disturbance in any one chakra can affect the other chakras and the flow of the life force energy in general, causing physical or emotional dis-ease in the area(s) of our lives related to the functions of the particular chakra. Disturbances can also distort our perception and leave us feeling low. They can be detected by a chakra spinning slowly or in the wrong direction or when the flow is stagnant or too active. An accumulation of negative energy can also impair the function of the chakra. Imbalances can be caused by grief, stress, trauma, accidents, injuries, etc., and result in a misalignment of the energy body with the physical body. In the Physical realm, the chakras correspond to the glands, organs and other bodily activities, such as procreation, digestion and breathing. In the Psychological realm, the chakras correspond to certain essential areas of our lives, such as survival, power, communication, perception, sex, love and understanding. We can develop our chakras through exercises, therapies (i.e. energy healing), meditation, chanting, visualisations. The more open they become, the more conscious, centred, productive and creative we become in our journey through life. It is through our chakras that we grow, change and interact with the world. The front of the chakras represent Emotion while the back represent our Will.

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