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Indian Head Massage

“Listen to your body's wisdom, as it expresses itself through signals of comfort and discomfort’’

Indian Head Massage is an invigorating upper body massage that provides instant stress relief. Old Ayurvedic techniques are used to stimulate the upper back and arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face, to release accumulated tension and toxins, boost circulation and restore joint movement. The massage has been described as both energizing and relaxing and benefits numerous conditions.

This massage can be carried out anywhere, and is particularly popular in workplaces, as it is a fully-clothed treatment that is generally given seated.


Relaxes, soothes and relieves
Tired eyes
Jaw ache
Sinusitis and Facial Congestion
Tight muscles
Stiff neck and Shoulders
Emotional and psychological stress

Releases anxiety and stress
Removes toxins
Stimulates hair growth and release of endorphins from brain
Improves concentration, focus, sleep patterns and memory
Increases blood and lymphatic flow and oxygen to the brain
Elevates mood
Dissipates mental fatigue, edginess, depression….
Creates feeling of calm and balance