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" Reflexology is an effective form of preventive healthcare,
a natural therapy that takes into account one’s general wellbeing"


Reflexology is an extremely relaxing holistic therapy for restoring, maintaining and activating the body’s natural equilibrium and healing potential. This is achieved by applying pressure to specific reflex points (on the foot or hand) that correspond to the various organs, limbs, glands and systems of the body.

Stimulation of these points relaxes the body, mind and emotions and clears the energy pathways, triggering the release of stress and helping the body to function more effectively. Pressure applied on the reflex points may also help cut through to the root of many health-related issues, unlock nerve impulses and relieve the impact of past injuries and illnesses.


Some Client Experiences:

Reduced stress and anxiety
Decrease in cravings
Deep relaxation
Sense of calm
Improved digestion, breathing
Uplifting, energising

Other Benefits:

Boosts immune system, lymphatic flow and circulation
Relieves headaches, back pain, leg ache and PMS
Stimulates creativity and productivity
Accelerates self-healing

 “It is thought that reflexology therapy may also assist in releasing toxins, help with issues related to infertility, pregnancy and lead to easier childbirth.’’

(I qualified as a professional Reflexologist in 2004, am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and have also acquired further training in Reflexology focussing on Infertility and Pregnancy.)

Clipping 1 - Reflexology…at the Kurdish Community Centre’s pampering event.


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Clipping 2 - Reflexology…at Barnet Carers monthly Stress-buster event.


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