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Sah Krhem

" We will only Understand the Miracle of Life Fully when we Allow the Unexpected to Happen "
– Paul Coelho

What is Sah Krhem?

Sah Krhem is a stream of high vibrational energy from the Pyramidical Living Light structure. It is a dynamic, evolving energy system supported by the Orions, as it travels the path of the Orion Star System from Source to the individual working with it.

The Sah Krhem stream evolved after one UK-based Master/Teacher began receiving messages from the Orions and later, along with two other Sekhem Master/Teachers, began to anchor this strand as a total system of service.


Historically, there has always been a close connection between the Sirius and Orion Star systems and the Ancient Egyptians. The Orions, it is believed, made the first attempt towards the creation of Life on Earth initially, supported by the Sirians, and were some of the first beings to visit earth from another star system.

Reference to this connection can be traced back to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and astronomer Robert Bauvall (a researcher on the astronomy of ancient Egyptians) who realised that the pyramids were an earthly reflection of the Orion belt. Orion was also the destination of the dead king who made his journey back home there from whence he came. There are also numerous contemporary texts that speak of this link between the Giza Pyramids and the Orion belt.

In ancient Egypt, the Orion constellation was associated with the Egyptian god Osiris. Sah was the name given to the soul of Osiris, husband of Isis, the mother of the Gods. Sah personified Orion. Sah was also associated with Sahu, the highest aspect of man that never dies... that which is eternal.

Aspects of how it works

The Sah Krhem Pyramidical Living Light Energy  is a system of service because it empowers the person working/using it through soul connection…which in turn helps the individual take charge of their life, and understand at a deeper level what is necessary for them in that moment of their evolution. Sah Krhem also helps one gain deeper insight into oneself through soul contact. The energy creates circumstances that bring about deep changes in one’s life.

Healing is a bi-product of this energy, as it prepares the person for the ultimate purpose of serving mankind, earth and universe more effectively.

At a subtle level Sah Krhem plants seeds of knowledge and understanding within the individual. It also assists in addressing hidden challenges that may be blocking one’s potential. Its intention is that of total enlightenment.

Some Real Benefits

As described by clients following their sessions:

  • Sense of something going on at a deep level
  • Ability to see solutions to problems as soon as energy was channelled
  • Out of body experience
  • A sense of timelessness and the soul leaving the body
  • Sense of coming alive
  • Powerful mental shifts
  • Sense of security
  • Complete U-turn in lifestyle


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