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Sekhem Testimonials

I first tried Sekhem the week after my Grandad died, after a short but harrowing battle with cancer. I was feeling very raw and withdrawn and decided to try a Sekhem as this offered to help balance emotions and unblock mental energy. It was a very spontaneous decision and I felt quite nervous going along for my treatment, not quite sure what to expect as I knew nothing about it at all.

As the therapist asked me to close my eyes and worked on me, I felt a deep sense of calm, as if I was experiencing a sleep-like state but still fully aware of my emotions and what was going on around me. After a while I also experienced a strange sensation of heat on my cheeks - below my eyes, and then in my chest area, which lasted a while, and then faded. I found this very strange, as I’d not mentioned anything to the therapist about my recent loss and hadn’t been expecting any areas to be targeted in particular, but the areas that I’d really felt warmth were where I’d been crying and around my heart. After the session I felt a lot calmer, and a lot more able to cope with being at work whilst dealing with my grief, and it was also easier to see the positive side in that he was no longer suffering. The experience didn’t take my grief and tears away, but it softened the pain, so that I felt much more able to cope and more at peace about the situation.

– SF, Researcher, London

My experience of energy healing was quite amazing and definitely beneficial. After having a treatment I felt extremely relaxed and a lot of work stress that I had been experiencing at the time seemed to disappear. Afterwards I had the best night sleep and for the next 3 days felt alive and re-energised! My back was also playing up before the treatment and the session really helped to ease the pain. I would definitely recommend the treatment for anyone thinking about having Sekhem - thank you Lina!

– Col Deller, Research Manager, London

I have had a couple of energy healing sessions with Lina and both times they have been extremely beneficial. I was a little sceptical beforehand but found that the results were far better than I could have ever expected. I found afterwards that I felt relaxed and re-energised. I'd almost describe the feeling as though I had been on a two week holiday! All the stress that I had been experiencing, both on a physical and emotional level, seemed to drift away after the treatment. I had also been experiencing some pain in my leg since completing a 10k run, as a result I feel that the treatment has helped tremendously and feel much better now. I would thoroughly recommend the work Lina does, she is sensitive, empathetic and caring which I feel are essential qualities in this type of work.

– Rebecca Thorne, Learning and Development Consultant, London

Sekhem has helped me get over emotional issues from the past and to realize what I need to do. It’s great for expressing and resolving psychological issues. It has helped me especially with my anxiety disorders and depression because it gets straight to the root of the problem. It’s also really relaxing. I recommend it to anyone because it has really worked for me.

– Chrissie Crome, Ladbroke Grove, London

The Sekhem treatments have helped me to let go of certain feelings.

– LYP, Administrator, Malaysia

Sekhem treatments have helped me overcome my fears and discover my potential better.

– NMN, Malaysia

The Sekhem treatments have been amazing. Each session produced escalating results and has given me more confidence in the way the healing has helped me in my challenges in life.

– VS, HR Consultant, Malaysia

Very fulfilling. I felt completely relaxed and fell asleep. I was very calm throughout the session. It has really helped me to understand more about myself.

- VK Gill, Malaysia

It helped me be more relaxed. Previously I had tried to be a perfectionist and this made me fear failure. Sekhem energy has helped improve my confidence and my focus on my achievements. It has also helped me be more joyous and relaxed and more positive.

- SS, Engineering student, Malaysia

My Sekhem experience was very deep and profound. It goes far beyond the physical dimension, into the depths of the spirit. The healing is holistic since it penetrates to all levels of your being. The messages which Lina transmitted to me have been extremely helpful. It has definitely benefitted me.

- Dr Ramadasan, Environmental Consultant, Malaysia

Sekhem has helped tremendously in all aspects of my life, be it work, private life, friendship, etc. Workwise it’s less stressful. Most importantly, I am in family way – something that we were trying for almost 10 years.

The healing sessions enabled my husband and me to understand our inner self, inner deep-set emotions, and to deal with it in a positive manner.

Overall very enlightening. To me, Lina herself was very helpful and patient in dealing with us and in answering our numerous queries. After each session, I would feel a difference and able to deal with various issues.

- A Kaur, Lawyer, Malaysia

For me Sekhem has been an uplifting emotional experience. I felt relieved and enlightened. Lots of negative issues that have been holding my progress was not there after the session. I felt as though there was a divine energy in together with me. 

Overall, I feel more confident and assertive. I get messages which I can’t explain, but when I follow the message, it is the right form of action. Sekhem has helped me to come to terms with my past. Thank you Lina and Sekhem.

- Divakar S, QC/QA Manager, Malaysia

Sekhem is very uplifting and relaxing. I know intuitively that it is helping me to overcome my emotional wellness. Since my earlier session with Lina, I feel that I have been able to control my anger so much better. Indeed it has helped me to be much more ‘cool’ about my emotional needs.

- Zuraidah KK, Malaysia

My experience has been fulfilling, enlightening. Have had two sessions and feel subtle changes/shifts in attitude, acceptance and response pattern in myself after the first session. The second session created a more immediate ‘feel goodness’.

- Premala K,  Doctor, Malaysia

It has definitely helped me a lot. Generally, my emotional issues that were bothering me were finally gone within days. I felt a huge burden being taken out from me and I became more outgoing. It is a wonderful experience and a miracle! And the best holistic healing I’ve experienced so far.

– Tharmendran, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fantastic. I do feel the intensity of the energy from Lina each time. I have seen changes in myself, my approach and attitude and am also much calmer.

– Mettilda John, Social Service Director, Malaysia

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