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Sah Krhem Testimonials

“Since I started seeing Lina and having ‘Sah Krhem’ treatments I have felt less stressed and I feel more able to deal with my problems/issues.

During and after the treatment I feel a real sense of relaxation and lightness that lasts for days. I feel more positive about my life, and things that troubled me prior to meeting Lina are less of a burden, as I have learnt to work through them.

I would really recommend ‘Sah Krhem’ treatments to anyone that is feeling stressed, anxious and lacking energy – I have found that since seeing Lina I have much more energy, and am in a better place physically and mentally.’’

– Fiona R, Sales Manager, UK

"After going through an emotionally trying couple of years, I felt like I’d lost my balance within myself and all my confidence. I decided to try Sah Krhem, as a means to centre myself again. I initially did a few sessions with a gap of a week between each session. Each time my reaction was different, sometimes feeling incredibly emotional. At one point I felt like my creativity and the need to create was higher than I've ever experienced, it's something that gives me enormous pleasure, at the same time I felt emotionally incredibly low.

I also went through a stage of doubting all that I experienced and feeling very angry. This all passed though, and left me feeling so much more in control, happier and very calm, which I hadn't felt in a long time.

I feel like I've benefited from these experiences and like the anger and low periods were what I needed to work through. Although I still have blocks to work through, my perspective on life is far more positive."

– Melissa, Graphic Designer, UK

“I have had wonderful experiences with the Sah Krhem energy. I first decided to have a healing session because I was very tired and stressed out with my life. I needed more organization in my life as I had a lot of things I needed to do. My intention was then to be more balanced. Soon after the session began I got some visual images that made me feel very peaceful. The sessions also fill me with a sense of security…as one time I felt myself surrounded by layers of light….also my mind felt less cluttered. I look forward to more sessions to help me develop more of my abilities.’’

– Keiko T, Composer, UK



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